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Residential Design Guidelines  Download Document  
The purpose of these design guidelines is to encourage individual creativity while fostering a unity of materials and finish to ensure that the overall development harmonizes to create a balanced Lifestyle for all residents. The following guidelines will be implemented to ensure. A sensitively constructed environment with a high quality aesthetic to ensure a return on your investment.
Environmental Management Plan  Download Document  

This Environmental Management Plan consists of guiding recommendations. developed by Environmental Scientists from various scientific disciplines, including soil scientists, geologists and ecologists. Further planning by the relevant Engineers, Planners, Constructors and Landscape Architects will be based on the recommendations within this document.

Savannah Geotech Report  Download Document  

Report on a phase 1 Geotechnical site investigation for the proposed Savannah Country Estate development on portions of the farm Zwartkoppeis 364 JR, Pretoria, Gauteng Province

Residence Access Cards Application Form Download Document  
Application for approval of building plans Download Document  
Home Owners Plan Approval (Check list Legae) Download Document  

Site hand over Requirements

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A contractor must follow the following procedures to be registered in the Estate and to gain access from Security before any construction work may commence.




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